April 19, 2017


Attendees:  39


Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Officer Matt Lemos reported:

·         There were 3 suspicious activities reported for the month.

·         Speed monitors are installed between the golf course and the park.

·         Be sure to report any problems and there will be extra patrols.

·         There have been several reports of out of state license plates.


C.J. May from the City’s Recycling Department reported (with a little magic!):

·          New recycling bins will be delivered to all Waterbury residents sometime in August.  They will be much larger.  They are green with orange lids.  These will be collected the same day as the blue bins.  Residents can keep the smaller orange bins for their own use.

·         He explained that certain items such as florescent lights cannot be recycled.

·         All electronics should be brought to 220 Mark Lane or Take Two on South Leonard St. where they will be taken apart and sold for copper, etc.

·         The city brings everything in the blue bins to Bristol to be burned.  It is expensive to the city and they are requesting that all recyclables be placed in the green bins.

·         They are working with DEEP to work out something for apartments and condos.

·         Some members asked about blue bins cracking.  This is because they are 15 yrs. old.  There are covers in stock to repair them.  If anyone needs smaller bins, the city can accommodate their wishes.

·         If anyone has a problem with yard waste collection, call the Refuse Dept.

·         There are two bills being considered in Hartford:  One to repeal the soda can/bottle deposit and add a .04 cent tax.  This will increase litter on the streets.  The other would be to include bottles such as Gatorade.

·         All plastic bags should be brought to Stop & Shop, Shoprite, and Target to be recycled.  These are used to make Trex Products.

·         The question about fines to those who leave their bins on the street for long periods of time will be addressed case by case.


Rep. Stephanie Cummings reported:

·         There will be no increase in the mill rate due to increase of taxes being brought in by new businesses in Waterbury such as Pepe’s, Car Max, and the fact that McDermott is expanding, and also Waterbury Hospital’s new for profit status.

·         The new Legislative Session ends on June 7th, however, they will need more time to resolve budget issues.

·         The Education Budget has been changed to accommodate larger cities such as Waterbury who are underfunded by as much as 75%.  Waterbury has also had a major increase in students, especially Special Education students.

·         The 1/3 payback in teachers pensions is partially due to the fact that smaller towns with a smaller number of students were still able to keep the same amount of money, however, this will decrease with the new budget give back more to the cities.

·         Parking garage bonding will be brought up in this session.

·         Sugar tax is on the table.

·         Bills on Narcan will be discussed

·         Show Your Permit Bill is dead.

·         Discussing tolls on our highways.  Depending on the district, representatives are either for or against it.

·         Recreational marijuana is also being discussed.


City Liaison Officer Mike Ptak reported:

·         April 22nd - Hazardous house waste can be brought to Southbury Town Hall.

·         April 29th – Housing Expo

·         May 6th – Earth Day (Rain date will be on May 13th)

·         May 6th – Brass Quest Scavenger Hunt will be at City Hall

·         Street sweeping will resume – residents asked to sweep sand into the gutters.


Neighborhood Watch Commander Bob McGovern reported:

·         Adult mini bikes were riding through the neighborhood on April 14th.  He stopped and questioned the individual involved.


President Mike Stere reported:

·         He received a phone call that a person was taking pictures of the inside of cars near the golf course and the neighboring vicinity.  He reminded everyone to report any suspicious activity.


Hon. Tom Brunnock reported:

·         There are 3 separate appeals pending on the East Mountain Development:  The Planning Commission, The Board of Alderman, and the Zoning Commission.

·         On April 3rd, two hours before the Hearing the opposition filed a Motion to Dismiss.  The Hearing was continued to April 24.


Claudette LaFlamme reported on the Harry Northrop Grant.  This is confined to East Mountain residents only.




Larry Davino reported:

·          There are 4 new neighbors who moved into the East Mountain Neighborhood.

·          One Get Well Card was sent out.

·         Two Sympathy Cards were sent out.

·         Two Thank You Cards were sent in:  One from Stephanie Cummings in response to our sympathy card and one from the Gaspari’s in response to our Dunkin Donut give card.


Old Business:

·         Membership Dues are still being accepted.


New Business:

·         In the future the Gaspari’s asked if a letter could be sent to the City with any positive comments in regard to plowing.  A discussion was held to possibly send it to Joe Geary or the Board of Alderman.  This will be considered.

·         Overlook Community Club is asking for donations for the purchase of Lilac bushes for Fulton Park.  Motion made by Mike Ptak to donate $90.00 for 2 bushes, 2nd by Stephanie Cummings.  Motion carries.

·         Invitation was received for a Roast & Toast for Selim Noujaim on May 16th at 5:30 at the Aqua Turf.  Tickets are $50.00 per person.  If interested, contact Linda Noujaim by May 1st.

·         An audit will be conducted soon.

·         The position for Vice President will need to be filled after this year.  If anyone is interested, contact Mike Stere.

·         The June meeting will be a Pot Luck Supper.  Everyone is encouraged to bring food and drink.


Motion to Adjourn by Bob McGovern, 2nd by Cecile Petit.  Motion carries.


Submitted by:

Dory St. John