Attendees: 70


Meeting was called to order at 7 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lori Cartier, followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Community Relations Officer Matt Lemos reported 2 criminal calls during the past month and six suspicious persons.  He again reminded everyone to be sure to lock cars and not to leave valuables in your vehicles.  


Guests speakers Shawna Bartkus & Virginia Manning from DOT showed a slide presentation on the progress to date on the 2.7 mile widening of I84 project from Washington Street to Pierpont Road, then answered questions from the members.


Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings reported their last month’s meeting had been cancelled because of snow. She said the WDC had approved 3 new projects but that there would not be any additional bonding required for them.


The East End Community club is sponsoring a free shredding day on May 7th at the FD Credit union on Meriden Road, more info at next month’s meeting.


Stephanie will be presented the United Way of the Year Award at the Grand Oak Villa ceremony


Honorable Tom Brunnock spoke on the 40 + acre parcel behind properties on Split Rock Road. So far there is no zoning change application submitted but the property was sold and deed recorded on 10/29/15, owners listed as LaFlamme, Pisani, & Kurt Jones. The Master plan was changed to convert from residential to commercial at a public hearing in October. This property would need access through city property and emergency only egress through Split Rock Road. He asked everyone to be prepared to attend any upcoming public hearings regarding zone changes and approvals to prevent the additional access through our neighborhood on Split Rock Drive. He will keep the President information of any new developments.


Secretary’s Report: Minutes are available on website. Motion by Mike Ptak, 2nd by Donna Burns to accept January 20, 2016 minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:

1/20/16 to 2/17/16

Opening Balance: $ 7401.29

Income:                        35.00                   

Expenses:                    500.00     

Closing Balance:  $ 6936.29


“Note: while the Treasurer was out of the Country until 2/18/16 the finances were controlled by the Association President. This report only shows all activity conducted by him.”


Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Ceil Petit, 2nd by Jack Cartier.  


Committee Reports:

City Liaison Officer:  

Waterbury Development Corp  

Harry Northrop Grant –  

Neighborhood Watch  


Old Business:   


Nominating Committee to elect President & Secretary, terms end in June.


New Business:  none


Vice President Dave Muccino thanked everyone for get well wishes.


Upcoming Events:  

March 16th – Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings – Wills & Estate Planning


Motion by   to adjourn by Sally Mcgovern , 2nd by Mark Tiernan..


Respectfully submitted,




Noella Mott, Secretary