JUNE 21, 2017


Present:  47


Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Matt Lemos followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Officer Matt Lemos reported:

·         Debris on Peach Orchard Rd. cleaned up

·         Loud music in Hamilton Park has been addressed

·         Mike Giovancarlo is addressing unregistered vehicles

·         Cars broken into at East Mountain golf course on 6/20 at 5 pm

·         Smash and grabs has decreased

·         Residents asked questions regarding size limits to ATV’s – he said they must be registered and a certain size or they are illegal.  Mini bikes are also illegal.

·         Residents were also concerned with noise levels with quads and motorcycles.


State Representative/Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings reported:

·         There is still no State Budget

·         State is dealing with the ongoing opioid crisis

·         They are working on legislation to help people in crisis

·         One bill to save Waterbury money is that when city employees are injured, once settled they have to pay back the city out of the settlement.

·         There will not be an increase in the mill rate

·         There will be an increase in water and sewer rates

·         Car Max opened on June 20th.  This will add to the city tax revenues

·         The Waterbury Green opened on June 20th.  Water fountains and irrigation system has been fixed

·         East Mountain Park gate will be locked at night to avoid people parking in the park

·         June 29th will begin the Special Session with the State Legislature

·         July 1st budget will be determined by Executive Order by the Governor

·         No decisions made yet on the Rainy Day Fund, State Employee concessions, car tax cap

·         The Electoral College is gone

·         Highway tolls will not be implemented

·         Legalizing marijuana is still on the table


Secretary’s Report by Dory St. John: 

·         Last month’s minutes were not posted on the website due to time constraints for Sally McGovern.  There are printed copies of last month’s minutes on each table.


Treasurer’s Report by Colin Coburn:

·         Not available this month.  He is on vacation.


Neighborhood Watch by Bob McGovern:

·         Nothing to report this month.

Community Property Project by Hon. Tom Brunnock:

·         Still waiting the results of the first two appeals.  He will email the results when a decision is made.


Old Business:

·         Larry Davino report that the Northrup Recipient sent in a Thank You Note.  There are 9 families that have moved into the Ease Mountain neighborhood.

·         Bob Perigard reported that the Flags were installed on poles and thanked everyone for their help.  The clean-up of Memorial Circle at the park on May 27th was done and looks good.


New Business:

·         Movie in the Park will be showing “Beauty and the Beast” and will be on August 25th.  Rain date will be August 26th.  Bob Perigard secured a $652. Grant for this event.

·         Annual Newsletter will be formulated in August – need volunteers.

·         Hospitality needs 3 volunteers per month for refreshments.


Motion to Adjourn:  Larry Davino.  2nd:  Bob McGovern.  Motion carries.