MAY 17, 2017


Present:  40


Meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Greg St. John followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Director of Public Works Dave Simpson:

·         Public Works is responsible for engineering, traffic, parks, golf courses, and streets.

·         They are in the process of implementing a new recycling program with large green cans which would be the same day collection as the regular blue cans.  They will be delivered with instructions as to what and what not to recycle.

·         Waterbury is behind other communities in recycling.  It cost 3 million per year to dispose of waste but would receive money back to recycle.

·         Street sweeping will begin in East Mountain on Friday, May 19th.

·         If residents have any concerns they may call 311, go on the city website, Q Alert, or call Dave Simpson directly at 203-574-6851.

·         Stephanie Cummings also suggested to contact her and she will direct you to the right person to contact with any concerns.


Questions/concerns raised from residents:

·         Shady Brook Lane does not have street lights.

·         Will street lights be replaced with LED lights such as in Prospect?  These will only be replaced as needed – will go out to bid with the RFP process.

·         Bubblers in park are in disrepair.

·         Concerns with water and ice at the bottom of Glenrock Rd.

·         Would it be wise to privatatize refuse? – Probably not.  Each team of three picks of ¼ of city’s trash. 

·         What to do if bulky waste is not collected.  He suggested if normal channels are not satisfactory, call him directly.

·         If blue lids on trash cans are broken or missing they can be replaced if the can is no older than 10 years old.  A new can would cost residents $55.

·         East Mountain Park needs weed wacking – crews are behind schedule due to the rainy weather.

·         Sprinkler system is not working – The same line as golf course will be used.

·         Street signs are missing on Rockledge Rd. and Purdy Rd. – They are on list to be replaced.

·         Increase in cars parked in the park at night

·         People reported sleeping in the park.

·         Can gate at entrance be closed at night?


Officer Matt Lemos reported:

·         One car broken into on Glenrock Rd.

·         One criminal mischief reported.

·         One missing person reported.

·         He announced that this would be his last day with EMNA.  He was reassigned to the upper Willow St. area.

·         New officer Tiffany Healy was introduced.  She was assigned to East Mountain, East End, Bouley Manor, and the South End.  She will try to get to each meeting but may only get to meetings every other month.


State Representative/Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings reported:

·         State’s budget is 5.1 billion.

·         No budget yet from the Appropriations Committee.

·         No agreement of cuts by the State Unions.

·         Furlough days are being discussed.

·         Layoffs will not be enough to cover state deficits.

·         Legalizing marijuana is on the table.

·         Highway tolls are on the table – This will take several years to implement.

·         13 new judges were appointed at $160,000 per year.

·         House Republican budget would keep Waterbury’s budget the same.

·         Waterbury Hospital will also increase the tax base in Waterbury.


Treasurer’s Report by Colin Coburn:

·         Opening Balance:                             $5,775.44

·         Cash on Hand:                                   $5,775.44

·         Expenses:                                              $142.00

·         Closing Balance:                                $5,633.44

·         Total Committed Funds:                               $3,679.52

              Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Larry Davino, 2nd Mike Stere.  Motion carries.


Secretary’s Report by Dory St. John:

·         April 19th Minutes are posted on the EMNA Website

·         Several printed copies are at the front table for those who don’t have access.

·         No current correspondence.


Neighborhood Watch Commander Bob McGovern:

·         Pickup truck has been parked in front of house on East Mountain Rd.

·         Car parked on Glenrock Rd. broken into.


Community Property Project Hon. Tom Brunnock:

·         Three appeals have been filed regarding the Development Project.  Two court appearances:  City Planning Commission and the Board of Alderman.  It will take 120 days for an opinion.  Still waiting on the Zoning Commission which could take anywhere from one month to one year.


Old Business:

·         Bob Perigard reported on the Earth Day Cleanup.  Eleven volunteers from East Mountain participated.  It was a success.  He encouraged everyone to clean in front of their own properties.


New Business:

·         Nomination for Vice President being accepted.  Bob Perigard agreed to take on the position.

              Motion to accept by Mike Stere, 2nd by Stephanie Cummings.  Motion carries.


·         Larry Davino reported that one new family moved into the East Mountain Neighborhood.

·         Neighborhood flag installation will be May 23rd at 6pm.  Meet at Bob Perigard’s house.

·         Clean up of Memorial Circle at the park will be May 27th at 8 am.

·         Annual Newsletter – sign up at front desk.


Upcoming Events:

·         June meeting will be a pot luck supper.  Bring your favorite dish and drink.

·         Claudette LaFlamme reported that the Harry Northrop Grant was awarded to Alyssa J. Simoes.  She will be graduating on the evening of the June meeting.

·         An application will be filled out to fund “Movie in the Park”.


Motion to adjourn by Mike Stere, 2nd Bob Perigard.




Submitted by:

Dory St. John