Attendees: 63


Meeting was called to order at 7 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bill Grossberndt   followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Several guests introduced themselves, Mike DiGovancarlo, Chuck Pagano, Ann Sweeney, Liz Brown and Steve Conway.


Community Relations Officer Matt Lemos, advised that an ATV tipline has been set up at the police department to report illegal atvs, dirt bikes, other non-permitted vehicles, 203-573-6662, passed out flyers.


He also indicated that the excessive noise from parties at Hamilton Park had been looked into, but since there was a permit issued there was not much they could do. In the future, the permit holders will have to abide by the maximum noise levels as stated on the permit.


If anyone is interested in joining the neighborhood Citizens Patrol, contact Bob McGovern. The volunteers will be trained by Waterbury Police Department, only to observe and report.


Stephanie Cummings was awarded the Marcia Galvin Brayton Award from Sacred Heart High School, there will be a reception on November 2, 2015 to honor her and other recipients.


She also said that Crosby’s track and football field was being recoated, and reminded everyone to get out and VOTE!


Guests Pat Mulhall and Tim DiCarlo, Registrar of Voters passed out sample ballots and offered to answer any questions from residents regarding the new districts. They indicated if anyone’s polling place changed they would have already been notified by mail. At this time, we are all still voting at Wendall Cross School.


Secretary’s Report: Minutes are available on website. Motion by Mike Ptak, 2nd by Bill Burns to accept September 16, 2015 minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:

9/17/15 to 10/13/15

Opening Balance:        $ 7,816.31

Income:                            305.00                           

Expenses:                           63.06


Closing Balance:         $ 8,058.25


Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Bill Paternoster, 2nd by Sally McGovern.


Committee Reports:

City Liaison Officer: Mike Ptak – nothing to report

Waterbury Development Corp.: Mike Guisto – absent


Neighborhood Watch Commander: Bob McGovern looking for volunteers for the Citizens Patrol, “observe” only and report. So far he has three volunteers.


Old Business:  

Harry Northrop Grant – committee will meet soon.


Thank you to Larry Devino and Bob Perigard for painting red blocks on dam.


Hospitality – please sign up for future meetings, at least three per meeting.  


New Business:

Bob Perigard suggested increasing the Harry Northrop Grant from $750 to $1,000. Plan to use the extra $250 each year for ten years from the gift from East Mount/Pearl Lake Association. Motion by Mike Ptak, seconded by Sally McGovern.


Take flags down on Saturday morning, 11/14 at 9:30 am. Please sign up if you can help.


One resident spoke about public safety, especially in light of the large fire at Bristol Co. last month. He reminded everyone that the fire trucks are not equipped to deal with the high voltage wires, only the utility company, and that people should be aware of that.


Sally McGovern presented a bill for the website domain of $120.00, motion to pay by Mike Ptak, seconded by Tim Connolly.


Upcoming Events:


November 18th meeting, Mayor O’Leary

December 6th, tree lighting

December 16th, Christmas Social


November 18th next meeting at 7:00 pm.


Motion by Bob McGovern to adjourn, 2nd by Mary Tetreault.


Respectfully submitted,




Noella Mott