Attendees: 57


Meeting was called to order at 7 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tim Connolly   followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Guest Speaker, Judge of Probate Thomas Brunnock said at least 50% of case load is regarding abused and/or neglected children, about 30% conservators for trauma or mental health clients, rest is estate work.


It is a good idea to have a will, if you don’t assets are usually divided among surviving spouse and children through probate. With assets of less than $40,000 (not including real estate) probate is not required. If you want information on any trusts, revocable or irrevocable, be sure to consult with an attorney, not directly through someone advertising. Revocable trusts can be changed later, irrevocable trusts cannot.


Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings left meeting but left notes read by President indicating there was a new library director, Hamilton Park bathrooms are being updated, Municipal Stadium renovations are on schedule, Seven Angels celebrating anniversary.


Community Relations Officer Matt Lemos, only 4 criminal calls in last 30 days. Remember to lock your doors, make it more difficult. Response time still needs to improve, call him or email to report anything. Discussed setting up a Citizens Patrol, similar to Town Plot & Overlook, volunteers would get 2 hours training by Police Dept. Good idea to keep serial numbers on all small electronics, etc. to help recover if stolen.


Secretary’s Report: Minutes are available on website. Motion by Bob McGovern, 2nd by Mike Guisto to accept June 17, 2015 minutes.


Mary White, East Mountain Athletic Association, spoke regarding the developer that applied to put up condos at the end of Purdy Road several years ago. There was a lot of opposition to the plan, neighbors rallied and donated funds to fight the application, and it was denied. Funds were still left over, so they were donated to the EMNA, in the amount of $2,429.52.


Treasurer’s Report:

Opening Balance:        $ 2,924.87

Income:                          5,584.52                          

Expenses:                         693.08


Closing Balance:         $ 7,816.31


Motion to accept by Evelyn Carrah, 2nd by Bob McGovern.


Committee Reports:


City Liaison Officer: Mike Ptak – nothing to report


Waterbury Development Corp.: Mike Guisto –


Grant to replace library windows,

Lavata factory on Thomaston Avenue is expanding facility,

Removing oil tank on South Main Street,

Rectory building, pipe broke, Starbucks going in


Neighborhood Watch Commander: Bob McGovern looking for volunteers for the Citizens Patrol, “observe” only and report.


Old Business: Movie nights were very successful, over 100 people very well received and thankful.


Applications will be available 1/1/2016 online for the Harry Northrop Grant.


Special thank you to Sally McGovern for all the work on the newsletter, and to Dave Muccino for arranging to use special permit for $.29 postage instead of $.49, big savings!


New Business:

Hospitality sheet for sign up to bring refreshments to future meetings at front table.


Thank you to Mike Ptak for pulling all the weeds around the flag.  Need volunteers to re-paint the red this year, also 2 lights need to be replaced.


Upcoming Events:

Representative from Registrar of Voters on hold for now, need to ask one rep from each party, Republican and Democrat.

November 18th meeting, Mayor O’Leary

December 6th, tree lighting

December 16th, Christmas Social


October 14th next meeting at 7:00 pm.


Motion by Sally McGovern to adjourn, 2nd by Mike Guisto.


Respectfully submitted,




Noella Mott