February 15, 2017

Attendees:  23


Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dory St. John followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Officer Matt Lemos reported that the criminal numbers are up (10). 

·         There were 4 complaints but no arrests. 

·         Three unlocked cars were broken into and a set of rims were stolen. 

·         The Corporation Council has been contacted regarding the Sunrise Farm LLC property.  Noise is ongoing in regard to ATV’s using the property.

·         Snowbound cars are given green stickers to see if they are abandoned.

·         Check credit and debit card statements for suspicious activity.  Usually they start with a small breach and if left unchecked will escalate to a large breach.


Republican Representative from the Registrar of Voters, Tim DeCarlo spoke on voter fraud.

·         There is very little voter fraud in Waterbury.  The outcomes of the elections are not changing.

·         Most of the voter fraud comes in the form of absentee ballots

·         The Registrar’s Office in Waterbury is bipartisan and both parties work very well together.

·         500 deceased individuals have been taken off the voter registration list.

·         Connecticut is part of the ERIC Program where data is compiled together with other states to prevent voter fraud in which individuals are voting at two different addresses.

·         The Registrar of Voters is also hooked up with Social Security Administration and the Department of Motor Vehicles to prevent voter fraud.

·         There were 953 new voter registrations on the day of the election.

·         Once a year equipment is checked (tabulators, etc.).  If anything breaks down on the day of the election, there are paper back ups.


City Liaison Officer Mike Ptak:

·         Earth Day clean-up will be on May 6th.  Rain date is May 13th.  Notices will be in the Waterbury Republican.

·         Be aware of telephone scams where the caller will say “can you hear me?”  If you say “yes” they have a recording of your voice to use in criminal activity.


Treasurer’s Report by Colin Coburn:

·         Opening Balance:             $6,187.80                                             Total Committed Funds:    $3,679.52

·         Income:                                       60.00                                             Available Funds:                  $2,456.67

·         Expenses:                                  111.61

·         Closing Balance:                  $6,136.19


Motion to accept Treasure’s report by Bob Perigard, 2nd by Mike Ptak.  Motion carries




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Old Business:

Membership Dues still being accepted.

New Business:

Larry Davino reported that there are five new EMNA neighbors.  Each received a $5.00 gift card.

Sympathy cards were sent out to two EMNA families.


A case of dog waste bags are needed to stock the park at the cost of $200.

Motion to accept by Larry Davino, 2nd by Bob Perigard.  Motion carries.


Mike Ptak suggested that $10.00 Dunkin Donuts gift cards be given the plow drivers for a job well done.

Motion to accept by Mike Ptak, 2nd by Betty Seal.  Motion carries.


Any ideas for the June Meeting such as a pot luck dinner, etc. should be emailed to Colin Coburn:



Motion to adjourn by Mike Ptak, 2nd by Bob Perigard.  Motion carries.




Submitted by:

Dory St. John