Attendees:  43


Meeting was called to order at 7 pm. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mike Stere followed by a Moment of Silence for our departed neighbors.


Officer Matt Lemos reported 3 calls last month, nothing serious. More than 100 out of state license plates have been confiscated.  Many neighbors concerned about traffic near Bateswood & Waterbury Road, high traffic volume and very poor visibility and speed, also many local roads need lines painted.


Guest speaker Tony Cofrancesco spoke on fire prevention and safety measures. Urged residents to watch YouTube video “Why Seconds Count”. Also in case of fire in home, once out, do not go back in. Carbon monoxide & smoke detectors very important. Be sure to check and clean dryer vents on a regular basis


Community Property Project – Honorable Thomas Brunnock – Zoning voted to approve the change, attorneys filed for appeal.


Alderwoman, State Representative Stephanie Cummings – talked about incentive for 55+ community similar to Woods Edge. The budget process has begun. Asked residents to contact her with ideas for bills they would like to have presented to the State.


Secretary minutes from November & December meetings are available online.  One new neighbor was welcomed during the past month, no get well cards or sympathy. Ray Frances passed away, will send card this month.


Treasurer’s Report:

Opening Balance:        $ 6,478.25   

Income:                             365.00                                       

Expenses                           655.45

Closing Balance:         $ 6,187.80


Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Larry Davino, 2nd by Greg St. John.  


Waterbury Development Corp – Mike Guisto – no report

City Liaison Officer-Mike Ptak – no lines in tax office many residents paying online.

Neighborhood Watch Commander – Bob McGovern, New neighbor from Peach Orchard wants to join, resident on Wood Edge scared off burglary attempt.


Old Business:  New flags have been received ready for neighborhood before Memorial Day and a new flag for the Park.

Membership dues still being accepted.



New Business: Dory St. John has been appointed as new Secretary, to fill position vacated by Noella Mott who has moved out of the East Mountain neighborhood.


Upcoming Events:


Next meeting is February 15, 2017 at 7 pm.


Motion to adjourn by Bob McGovern, 2nd by Bob Perigard.



Respectfully submitted,



Noella Mott, Secretary