East Mountain Neighborhood Assn.

Minutes     3/16/16          Present:  94


Community Relations Officer:  Matt Lemos- spoke of new system for gathering information on calls.

Guest Speakers:  Joseph PisaniPisani Iron Works

                               Curt C. Jones, Pres. – Civil C1

Spoke about the commercial development off Saddle Rock Rd….want to build new entrance and egress

which would be from Industrial Lane and not from neighborhood side.

Four proposed buildings – 20,000 to 120,000 sq. ft.   Judge Tom Brunnock stated that there has been no

notice to property owners. Many residents voiced their opposition to the proposed development.


Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings – Asked that members attend the next Aldermanic meeting to share their concern about their neighborhood.  She stated that we need all the neighbors from the Saddle Rock Rd. area to make their concerns heard and get their questions answered.


Guest Speakers:  Alderwoman Stephanie Cummings and Brie Sodano spoke of estate planning and answered questions from members. They mentioned beneficiaries, capital gains, tax benefit, Title 19.

Put money in trust to protect it and employ a financial planner.


Secretary’s Report

Minutes – No minutes available from February meeting.


                Tom Conway – Get Well Card

                Mary Tetreault – Sympathy Card for death of husband, Lionel

                Noella Mott – Sympathy Card for death of brother



                Opening Balance:   $7,026.29

                Closing Balance:     $6,940.10


Committee Reports:

Harry Northrop Grant:  Claudette LaFlamme reported that information has been sent to     Guidance Depts in local high schools and is accessible to all students.

Nominating Committee:  Larry Davino asked for volunteers to serve on Nominating Committee

City Liaison Officer:  Mike Ptak – Earth Day 5/7/16


New Business:

                Earth Day – Saturday, May 7, 2016

                A letter was read from Waterbury Republican-American requesting a donation to the

                Campership Fund.  Motion made by Stephanie Cummings that we send $150, seconded by

                Evelyn Carrah. Motion passed, one no.

                Letter was read from the Waterbury Development Corp. requesting two representatives be

                considered for the Board.  Mike Guisto volunteered to serve on the Board and Representatives              

                will be selected and announced at the WDC’s annual meeting scheduled for 3/24/16.

                Members were asked to consider what they would like to do for our annual June meeting.

                Topics will be considered at the April meeting.



Minutes:  March 16, 2016  (continued)


Upcoming Events:

                April 20:  Steven A. Besonson, M.B.A. Solar Energy Consultant

                                     Nominations for President and Secretary

May 7:     Earth Day

                May 18:   Cyril May – Waterbury Recycling Coordinator

                                  Election for President and Secretary


Hospitality for April meeting:  Cathy Filippone, Cecile Davino, and Jan Perigard


Motion made to adjourn by Mike Guisto, Seconded by Jean Guisto – motion carried.


Janice Perigard,  Secretary Pro Tem